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Titan Series
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Download the Ergovida Catalogue
Download the Ergovida Product Catalogue

Ergonomic furniture for kids and adults

The Ergovida range of desks and chairs for adults and kids is the perfect solution to furnish your work and home environment with ergonomic furniture that supports your back and posture whilst you work, study and play.

With many of us spending each day sitting in front of a desk, Ergovida addresses the ergonomic needs of your back, neck, arms and legs. This fun and functional furniture range is simple and durable, whilst helping to prevent postural damage, backache and headache.

The many design features include tiltable desktops, height adjustment for desks and chairs, winged backrests on chairs, and child-safety features for the kids range to protect fingers, eyes, and backs for general wellbeing.

Choose Ergovida furniture to get on with your day - in a healthy way!

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