Giant Series Enlarged Storage Desk

tiltable desktop
desk height adjustment
Castor wheels
BLUE / PINK / wood

The E501 desk extends the desktop to provide a wider surface. The desk is height adjustable, so the desk height can be increased as your child grows, for healthy-growth and posture alignment. 

Ergonomic study furniture designed for children seeks to achieve correct posture support in a healthy, growing child – after all, fostering positive posture habits in children when sitting at a desk supports good back health and overall growth development during all the stages of childhood and adolesence.


  • Tiltable desktop: provides better angle for writing, reading and drawing
  • Desk height adjustment: desk grows with your child
  • Crank handle: makres it easier to adjust the desk height
  • Available in classic and wood surface: provides more options and the surface protects child's eyes well
  • Compartmented drawer: stores stationery or hides your small secret items
  • Multi-functional steel hook: for schoolbag, cups and any hanging items
  • Castor feet design


Available colours Blue / Pink / Grey
Dimension 980 x 705 x 580 - 800mm (38.6' x 27.8' x 22.8' - 31.5')
Desktop size 1200 x 650mm
Desktop tilt range 0 - 25°
Desktop tilt mechanism Angel free manual adjustment
Desk height adjustment range 580 - 800mm (22.8" - 31.5")
Desk height adjustment mechanism Manual hand lifting
Storage type Drawer
Schoolbag hook Yes
Cup holder No
Material E1 Board / ABS+PP / Steel

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