THIN 345

Ultra-thin LED/LCD Wall Mount FULL TURN & TILT (3 pivot)

Screen size
40-65" (102-165cm)

up to 25kg

silver or white

Up to 600x400mm

When you want a flat look and optimum viewing flexibility, choose Vogel's THIN 345 LED/LCD TV mount. It lets you turn and tilt your screen away from the wall. With just 3.5 centimetres of space between the wall and the TV, this LED/LCD TV mount is virtually invisible to the eye.

You can turn the wall mount 90 degrees right or left and tilt it 20 degrees up and down for the best view wherever you are sitting. The Cable Inlay System (CIS®) conceals cables out of sight.

Maximum screen thickness 45mm / 1,8".

Advantages of the THIN 345 LED/LCD TV mount:

  • A flat look is guaranteed with this LED/LCD TV mount because your TV hangs only 35mm from the wall.
  • You can tilt your TV 20 degrees up and down with this LED/LCD TV mount.
  • You get extra viewing flexibility, because this LED/LCD TV mount can turn 90 degrees right and left.  So you always have the best view no matter where you sit.
  • THIN 345 is also available in Alpine White colour.


Cable covers: Hide messy cables safely and tidily with Vogel's cable covers. Cable 4 hides up to 4 cables.  Cable 8 hides up to 8 cables.


Main colour: Silver/Aluminium
Min - Max TV screen size: 40-65" (102-165mm)
Max TV weight: 25kg
Max TV depth: 45mm
Turn: 180°
Tilt: 20°
No of pivot points: 3
Min distance to wall: 35mm
Max distance to wall: 630mm
CIS® (Cable Inlay System): Yes
AdvancCIS: -
SPS™ (Screen Protection System): -
SMM™ (Smart Movement Mechanism): -
Interface width: 695mm
Interface height: 450mm
VESA: VESA mounting holes up to 600x400mm
Unique features: Tilt your screen (+/- 20°) for an optimal viewing experience.
  Watch TV from anywhere in the room thanks to its full 90° corner option.
  Move your screen forward and turn any way you want (up to 90° on both sides) for an optimal viewing experience.
  Features Vogel's Cable Inlay System (CIS) that hides all unsightly cables. Use the cable covers to hide and guide your cables to the floor.
  Sits only 35mm from the wall.
  Easy installation.  The unique level adjustment guarantees easy levelling of your TV screen.
Guarantee: Lifelong

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