WALL 1105

Flat TV Wall Mount

Screen size
19-37" (48-94cm)



Up to 200x200mm

Enjoy your TV as a beautiful piece of wall art with the WALL 1105 TV wall mount. This flat wall mount is a great way to mount your flat screen TV in the bedroom, kitchen, workspace or children's room. It provides sturdy support and leaves just 2cm of space between the TV and the wall.

The WALL 1105 comes in black, is suitable for 19-37 inch (48-94cm) screens, and can hold up to 30kg. Make sure your TV is supported safely and securely with a flat wall mount from Vogel’s.


Cable 4 Cable 8 Cable 10 Combine the Wall 1105 TV mount with Vogel's cable covers to hide messy cables.

Sound 3450

Combine the Wall 1105 TV mount with Vogel's SOUND 3450 sound bar mount to mount your sound bar to your flat screen TV.


Available colours: Black
Min screen size: 19"
Max screen size: 37"
Max weight: 30kg
Key benefits: Straight mounting guaranteed thanks to easy level adjustment
  All TV mounting materials included: M4, M6 and M8 bolts
  All wall mounting materials included: screws and fischer plugs
  Mount your TV with (VESA) mounting holes up to 200 x 200mm
  Simply Smart Value: Great comfort for an affordable price
  For use around a corner or in a cabinet
  Generally used for living room, home cinema and bedroom
  Easy guidance of your cables
Hole pattern: Min 100x100mm / Max 200x200mm
Max distance to the wall: 21mm
Min distance to the wall:   
Number of pivot points:  0
Guarantee: Life time

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