Record, rewind and replay your favourite digital radio programs.

Canohm, the Australian distributor of Sangean Radios, is pleased to announce the arrival of the exciting new Sangean DPR-17+ Portable Digital Radio, featuring the ability to record and rewind Digital Radio and FM programs.

Digital radio has revolutionised the way we listen to radio with clearer reception, outstanding sound quality and access to additional radio stations playing more of your favourite music genres. Now it’s possible to record your favourite songs and talkback programs on Sangean’s DPR-17+, to play back at your leisure.

The DPR-17+ digital radio features a convenient SD card slot hidden under a protective rubber flap. The radio can take up to an 8GB SD Card (secure digital memory card), which will store many hours of recorded radio programs. This also enables the user to rewind live content (review) from a Digital or FM radio program up to 16 minutes back from the current time.

In addition, one can insert an SD card with MP3 and/or WMA music files stored on it for playback of previously recorded music from a computer. This makes the DPR-17+ an iPodTM style MP3 player with built in speaker. Simply search through various folders for wanted music files, then hit ‘play’.

The DPR-17+ is lightweight (814g) and compact in size (240mmW x 140mmH x 61mmD) making it easy to carry around the home or take to the office or on holiday. Available in black or white, the radio’s sleek design will suit any indoor environment.

The DPR-17+ radio features a clock that updates in real time including daylight savings (unique to digital radios) and the time can be displayed on the radio’s backlit LCD screen. The large, easy to read LCD screen can display the station name, program type and radio text including song title and artist details. Even sporting results and weather information can be displayed (depending on what is broadcast by the stations).

Sound quality is superb with deep bass compensation through the large speaker. Stereo playback is possible by connecting stereo earphones. (Earphones not included). Power supply is via a supplied AC Adapter, or using dry-cell or rechargeable batteries, with the radio featuring a built-in rapid battery charger to re-charge your batteries.

Robert Costello, General Manager Sales & Marketing says, “Canohm is so pleased to be able to bring a digital radio receiver to the Australian market that gives consumers the ability to record and replay their favourite music and talkback radio programs. With digital radio offering a greater choice of stations appealing to specific genres of music and content (comedy, dance, country), consumers can now record their favourite programs to enjoy over and over again”.

The Sangean DPR-17+ Portable Digital Radio is available from Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, Clive Peeters, Bing Lee, Retravision stores and specialty dealers in major capital cities broadcasting digital radio.

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