THIN 305

Ultra-thin Flat Wall Mount

Screen size
40-65" (102-165cm)

up to 40kg


Up to 600x400mm

The THIN 305 LED/LCD/Plasma TV Mount is simply elegant. With just 1.5 centimetres of space between the TV and the wall, the THIN 305 LED/LCD/Plasma TV mount is virtually invisible to the eye. The service position lets you easily access the back if needed. Plus, a built-in level helps you hang it perfectly straight.

Advantages of the THIN 305 LED/LCD TV mount:

  • TV hangs only 15mm from the wall with this LED/LCD TV mount, so flat stays flat!
  • The unique service position of the LED/LCD/Plasma TV mount lets you easily access the cables.
  • Very easy to install. The built-in level makes sure your TV always hangs straight.


Cable covers: Hide messy cables safely and tidily with Vogel's cable covers. Cable 4 hides up to 4 cables.  Cable 8 hides up to 8 cables.


Main colour: Silver/Aluminium
Min - Max TV screen size: 40-65" (102-165cm)
Max TV weight: 40kg
No of pivot points: 0
Min distance to wall: 15mm
Interface width: 660mm
Interface height: 437mm
VESA: VESA mounting holes up to 600 x 400mm
Unique Features: Virtually invisible! The THIN 305 is the thinnest mount in the world (only 15mm from the wall).
  Easy access for cable service positioning.
  Integrated spirit level. Straight mounting guaranteed thanks to the integrated spirit level.
Guarantee: Lifelong