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Media Release - 4 February 2020

Australia, February, 2020. Leading Melbourne importer and distributor Canohm has been appointed exclusive distributor for interactive flat panel display (IFPD) brand TeamBoard effective January 1, 2020. Founded in 1993 in Ontario Canada, TeamBoard has established itself as a global leader in the rapidly growing IFPD segment offering a wide range of 4K displays boasting 1.07 billion colours with sizes from 55” up to 98”. Team Board also offers a marketing leading 5-year warranty giving end users the ultimate after sales service and peace of mind.

Canohm’s appointment reflects the company’s strong business growth over the past few years, particularly in their commercial division. Furthermore, feedback received from a successful Integrate campaign last August demonstrated the commercial market’s strong appetite for IFPD solutions.

The addition of TeamBoard to Canohm’s product portfolio boosts an already strong range of commercial solutions which includes award winning brands; Vogel’s, Minix, Amina, Future Automation, TDG and Vanguard Dynamics. The companies General Manager Robert Costello says “Canohm is thrilled to be appointed the sole Australian distributor for TeamBoard. Adding this market leading brand to our already extensive portfolio will add great value to our overall market offering. We now have a complete solution to offer the education and corporate markets with a wide range of supporting products from Ergovida, Minix and Vogel’s.

We look forward to working with TeamBoard to ensure the brand’s success. Our enthusiastic and experienced team of professionals offer exceptional service supported by facilities to make an immediate impact.”

A newly restructured TeamBoard Australia just launched their new slim series of products, also at Integrate. Director Andrew Shaw, is very delighted with Canohm’s appointment “TeamBoard is excited to launch its latest range of cutting-edge IFPD technology through Canohm into this region.

Whilst we have been working on creating a uniquely positioned new technology for the extremely exciting IFPD space, we felt Canohm was the perfect partner to bring TeamBoard to the Australian market for 2020 and beyond’.

Market Leading Technology

TeamBoard IFPD panels feature a multi-touch panel with the ability to have up to 20 touch points to allow the user to take notes, rotate and scale digital content. Tough glass technology offers a fully durable touch surface with full gesture control. The panels also feature front inputs, up to 32GB internal storage and a superior integrated sound bar.

With supreme viewing angle and fast 4ms response time, TeamBoard panels can be used in multiple environments including wall mounted, height adjustable mobile trolleys and fully flat orientation mode. Canohm also offers mounting and mobile solutions from Dutch brand Vogel’s. Powered by the unique TeamBoard Android OS, each panel comes with pre-installed interactive apps, along with an OPS slot for ultimate expansion options.

Ideal education tool or corporate presentation solution

TeamBoard DrawTM, is a feature-rich annotation software package that allows you to draw any ideas directly on to the screen and over content such as website and PowerPoint presentations. It offers “No air gap” technology a micro air gap which is only .06mm from the pen to the touch screen giving the end user accurate results when drawing directly onto the touch screen. The entire range of TeamBoard contains front and rear inputs from HDMi, SD card, RJ45, RGB and USB to accommodate compatible external devices. Also included are HDMI and USB output slots which enable multiple displays to work simultaneously giving you no limits to the number of TeamBoard displays used at one time. To further enhance this feature ‘Spot Light Mode’ enhances you’re your presentation by highlighting a key section on the display.

The HDMI output allows for multiple panels


With offices and subsidiaries all over the world including a research and development facility in Melbourne, TeamBoard is set up globally to shape the IFPD market. Canohm’s modern office and warehouse facility in Port Melbourne staffed by some of the industry’s most experienced professionals, will deliver exciting and innovative interactive display solutions to the education and business markets.

TeamBoard Global will be showcasing their latest range of displays and accessories at this year’s ISE show in Amsterdam from February 11 to 14, 2020. To register your attendance for ISE, please follow the below link;

Product Information - Team Board and Media Contact:

For more information on TeamBoard or to register your interest to become a dealer, please visit;

Cameron MacKertich Tel: 03 9644 7888 | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Media Kit

Canohm is the sole Australian Distributor of TeamBoard Products, as appointed by TeamBoard Canada.

Team Board, based in Ontario, Canada, was established in 1993 and has emerged as a global leader of interactive flat display panels. After becoming one of the founders of interactive displays, TeamBoard now offers interactive solutions with an supremewarranty and feature set. Relevant to both corporate and education markets, TeamBoard prides itself on continuous improvement and end user experience.

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