Ergovida B203

Elfin Series Study Desk and Chair Set (with paper roll holder & drawer)

Tiltable Desktop

Desk Height Adjustment

Ventilated Chair


Pink / Grey

Ergovida ergonomic furniture is designed to achieve correct posture support in a healthy, growing child – after all, fostering positive posture habits in children when sitting at a desk supports good back health and overall growth development during all the stages of childhood and adolesence.

Ergovida B203 Study Desk and Chair is designed to provide a comfortable learning environment. The desk and chair can be effortlessly adjusted in height - and enable an optimal setting to a child's height. The desktop can be tilted up to 40° freely for writing, reading and drawing. The compartmented drawer underneath desktop offers lots of space for books and stationery. The colours and style of the furniture also makes B203 a great choice for a child to study and play.

The paper roll holder feature is perfect for budding artists! Kids simply scroll the paper across the desktop to achieve the correct canvas size to let their imagination go wild and get creative, all the while keeping their desk and bedroom tidy!


  • Paper roll holder: keeps drawing paper in order, keeps desk and room tidy
  • Tiltable desktop: provides better angle for writing, reading and drawing
  • Available classic and wood surface: provides more options and the surface protects child's eyes well
  • Desk height adjustment: desk grows with your child
  • Embedded groove: holds pens, pencils, markers or crayons
  • Compartmented drawer: stores stationery or hides small secret items!
  • Anti-pinch safety design: protects little fingers
  • Multi-functional steel hook: for schoolbag, cups and any hanging items
  • Chair with ventilation: has good airflow, particularly in summer
  • Available colours Pink / Grey
    Dimension 664 x 474 x 540 - 760mm (26.1" x 18.7" x 21.3" - 29.9")
    Desktop size 664 x 474mm
    Tilting desktop size 664 x 474mm (26.1" x 18.7")
    Desktop thickness 15mm
    Desktop tilt range 0 - 40°
    Desktop tilt mechanism Button
    Desk height adjustment range 540 - 760mm (21.3" - 29.9")
    Desk height adjustment mechanism Manual lifting
    Chair height adjustment range 320 - 440mm
    Chair height adjustment mechanism Manual lifting
    Storage type Drawer
    Schoolbag hook Yes
    Cup holder Optional
    Elbow support Yes
    Table bases Adjustable
    Material E1 MDF / ABS+PP / Steel
    User manual Yes
    Magnetic Yes


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