Sangean's Utility Radio range goes digital.

Canohm, the Australian distributor of Sangean Radios, announces the arrival of the DAB+BOX Ultra Rugged Utility ‘Tradies’ digital radio.

An addition to Sangean’s utility radio range, the DAB+BOX enables tradesmen and outdoor enthusiasts to listen to their favourite radio stations in clear digital sound, on a radio that can handle all work environments and weather conditions.

The work environment of today’s tradesman is constantly changing, labouring indoors and outdoors, on home renovations right through to large commercial and residential developments.  Traditional analogue radio reception is not always satisfactory in these environments - and this is where Digital Radio reception comes into its own – and cuts through the static.

The Sangean DAB+BOX utility radio can endure four seasons in a day - the radio is rain resistant (to JIS4), dust resistant and shock resistant.  The 5” speaker is water resistant and protected by a metal grill.

The DAB+BOX radio is encased in an ABS plastic body, making the radio lightweight whilst providing good resistance to the weather (particularly heat).  The roll cage protection means even the roughest tradie can throw the radio in and out of the ute, along with his tool kit, without the need to treat the radio with kid gloves.

The DAB+BOX utility radio features a large backlit LCD display for easy viewing on the dustiest and darkest of work sites.  It features auto-tune to find a radio station to your liking, and the user can preset up to 10 radio stations for quick access to favourite stations (5 DAB+ and 5FM).  The LCD display is used to provide program information such as song title, artist, station name even weather and traffic information - if the station broadcasts this.

The radio is supplied with a 2.7 metre rubber AC cable.  If electricity supply is not available, simply store the cable conveniently at the back of the unit and switch to battery mode to continue your radio listening enjoyment (4 x C size batteries, not included).  A real bonus is the re-chargeable battery facility.

“Australia’s tradies will appreciate the accessibility of additional radio stations to listen to during their workday, including stations not available on AM and FM frequencies”, says Robert Costello, General Manager Sales & Marketing for Canohm. “The robust and lightweight Sangean DAB+BOX will be a welcome addition to any work site. If you tire of listening to the radio, or work conditions hinder radio reception, simply plug an iPhone, iPod or MP3 player into the auxiliary input to listen to your favourite music”.

Sangean’s DAB+BOX utility radio is available from Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, Clive Peeters, Bing Lee, Retravision stores and specialty dealers in major capital cities broadcasting digital radio.

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