Get more out of your Sonos speakers with Vogel's SOUND wall mounts and floor stands

Create great acoustics for every size and shape of room

Canohm, importer and distributor of AV mounting solutions in Australia, is pleased to announce the arrival of the new Vogel's SOUND line of wall mounts and floor stands designed specifically for Sonos speakers. The SOUND line gives music lovers more flexibility to create the best acoustic environment in any size or shape of room. They are the ideal way to save space and enhance your music enjoyment.

Get more out of your Sonos speakers

Vogel's SOUND line offers a range of speaker supports to enhance the listening experience, including a wall mount and floor stand designed especially for the popular Sonos PLAY: 1 and PLAY: 3 speakers. SOUND products comes in two colours (black or white) to match the colour of the speaker.

Space saving wall mounts

It used to be that a speaker had to be positioned at ear level for the best acoustics. Now with Vogel's wall mounts for Sonos, people can mount their speakers securely at the most convenient spot, in plain view or out of sight, on the wall to achieve the best listening position. With its featherlight movement, the wall mount enables the speaker to be easily tilted up to 30 degrees or turned up to 70 degrees to achieve the right angle for the best sound.

Vogel's new SOUND wall mounts take up very little space and fit seamlessly with any decor, whether they are placed high or low on a wall. SOUND 4203 also offers the option to display your speaker either vertically or horizontally to suit the shape of the room.

The following models are available:

SOUND 4201 for Sonos PLAY: 1
SOUND 4203 for Sonos PLAY: 3

Flexible floor stands

Vogel's SOUND floor stands are a great alternative option for mounting a Sonos speaker. The floor stand is 82cm high so it is at ear level when people are seated. The floor stands are also very flexible. They can be moved easily to a different place within a room, or from room to room depending on your listening requirements.

SOUND floor stands for Sonos include a pre-assembled speaker interface for easy mounting - display your speaker in either a horizontal or vertical position. The floor stand also come with an integrated extension power cord hidden within the stand pole for stylish concealment of cables and convenient speaker connectivity.

The following models are available:

SOUND 4301 for Sonos PLAY: 1
SOUND 4303 for Sonos PLAY: 3

Price, availability

Vogel's SOUND line of wall mounts and floor stands for Sonos speakers are in stock and available to order through Canohm.

SOUND wall mounts and floor stands

SOUND 4201 Wall Mount for Sonos PLAY: 1 $79.00 inc GST / unit
SOUND 4203 Wall Mount for Sonos PLAY: 3 $99.00 inc GST / unit
SOUND 4301 Floor Stand for Sonos PLAY: 1 $179.00 inc GST / unit 
SOUND 4303 Floor Stand for Sonos PLAY: 3 $219.00 inc GST / unit

Please note: Sonos and Sonos product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sonos, Inc. Vogel's is not affiliated with Sonos, Inc. To learn more about Sonos, please visit

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About Vogel's and Canohm 

Vogel's is the expert and European market leader in mounts and support systems for displays, tablets and projectors. Vogel's solutions have stodd for ingenuity, quality and reliability for over 40 years. Today, Vogel's designs, develops and markets mounting solutions for displays, tablets and projectors for both the professional and consumer markets. Their in-depth knowledge and experience enables them to design and produce a continuous stream of innovative, award0winning products for their customers. You will find Vogel's everywhere; not only in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, but also in major airports, shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, football stadiums and hospitals.

Canohm is a major importer and distributor of high quality audio/visual solutions including Hi-Fi speakers, radio receivers, A/V mounting products and automated audio/visual solutions.  Canohm employ a team of dedicated professionals who collaborate with interior designers, architects, and audio/visual consultants to achieve sound and visual experiences that are second to none.

Canohm is the Australian Distributor of Vogel's, as well as Amina Invisible Speakers, Sangean, Canton loudspeakers, Future Automation, MagicBox Audio, Ezymount and Venturi mounts.

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