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DAB+/FM radios and bluetooth speakers

Our passion, your pleasure

Magicbox strives to make products that are anything but ordinary. We endeavour to create products that we ourselves would aspire to own, products that stand out from the crowd as special, products for a life less ordinary. We are passionate about substance as well as style; all products in the Magicbox range boast great sound quality as well as good looks. From our simple DAB+/FM portable radios through to our Bluetooth speaker systems, Magicbox audio products embrace the same ethos - superb design, high quality, high performance devices that deliver a great consumer experience.

Magicbox ...For a life less ordinary

Astor DAB/DAB+/FM Radio

Clean DAB/FM Radio

Harlequin DAB/DAB+/FM Radio

MBX1 Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

MBX2 Bluetooth Speaker

Sherwood Stereo DAB+/FM Radio

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