Architectural Satellite Speaker

7.1 with 3 discrete boxes

TDG Audio Skybar™, the World’s First In Ceiling Soundbar. Use three discrete boxes – One Skybar™ LCR and two Skybar™ Satellites to implement a full seven-channel immersive sound home theater. Inside the Skybar™ LCR are six 3” heavy duty, full range drivers – two for the left channel, two for the right channel, and two full-range along with a single 1” titanium dome pivoting tweeter for the center channel. The drivers are mounted on a 15 degree angled baffle to direct sound towards the audience when mounted in-ceiling, or left/right towards the audience when mounted in-wall. Flexible connections allow configuration of the Skybar™ LCR as either a complete left/right/center multi-channel setup – or the entire unit as one channel, perfect for larger listening areas.

Innovative Design

The Skybar™ Satellite features two front-firing 3” full range drivers and a 1” titanium dome pivoting tweeter for side or surround channels. A third 3” reflecting speaker is mounted into an angled channel to direct the waveform towards a wall or ceiling for more diffuse rear or height channels. The Skybar™ Satellite can be configured to provide only surround channel information, or both surround and rear or height channel information for a fully immersive home theater experience. Reconfigurations are accomplished by connections on the back panel of either Skybar™ LCR or Skybar™ Satellite. They easily allow single channel or multi-channel configuration with the flip of a switch. Each speaker features a fully sealed high-grade MDF enclosure, precision punched steel baffle for maximum rigidity and come with a bezel-less paintable magnetic grill. TDG Audio Skybar™ LCR and Skybar™ Satellite, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 channel configurations and more from just 2 models.
  • In-Wall Mounted High-Performance Dedicated Home Theater Subwoofer
  • Fully Enclosed High-Performance In-Ceiling / In-Wall Soundbar
  • In-Ceiling or In-Wall Installations
  • 2-Channel Reflection Surround
  • One-Piece Steel Frame Construction
  • Integrated Back-Box Constructed of Ultra High-Grade MDF for Performance Control
  • Fully magnetic paintable metal grill (factory finish: white)
  • Dual 3″ Full Range Driver Array
    3″ Full Range Reflecting Surround
    Impedance 8-ohm load
    Recommended Power 5-50W
    Frequency Response 150Hz – 20kHz
    Efficiency 89dB
    Overall Dimensions 7” H x26.5” W x 3.5” D (179mm x 673mm x 89mm)
    Cut-Out Dimensions 6” H x 25.5” W (152mm x 648mm)
    Mounting Depth 3.5″ (89mm)
    Warranty Lifetime

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