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About Amina

Established well over a decade ago, Amina® is now the world’s leading supplier of totally invisible loudspeaker solutions. Amina aims to help individuals and corporations create lifestyle environments that benefit from modern entertainment, information and communication systems whilst not having the design of their living or work environment corrupted by visually obvious technology. Amina is passionate about creating audio technology that presents a ‘lite touch’ in terms of its direct physical impact on the individual whilst enabling the delivery of high quality audio from the latest and most accessible of media platforms.

Learn more about Amina loudspeaker technology via the two educational videos to the right of this page.

Edge – A revolutionary design for invisible loudspeaker technology.
Amina Edge offers smooth low frequency extension with increased power handling and sensitivity, resulting in a dynamic and engaging listening experience that has never before been heard from an invisible loudspeaker. Building on the award-winning Evolution Series design, the Edge incorporates OptiDamping, OptiDrive and Reduced-Resonance Exciter technology built into a plaster up-to design. The speaker uses a high quality fire-resistant panel material which allows for seamless integration into plasterboard walls and ceilings without the need for a full wet skim, all in the easy to install, lightweight form-factor that Amina is known for. View the Edge5 and Edge7 Amina speakers.
Mobius – Our flagship plaster-over series
Rendered invisible behind a 2mm skim of plaster, the Amina Mobius invisible loudspeaker pushes the sonic boundaries of what is possible with plaster-over loudspeaker technology. Building on the award-winning Evolution Series design, the Mobius Series incorporates OptiDrive and OptiDamping technology as well as Reduced-Resonance Exciter technology, offering greater low frequency extension and smooth high frequency dispersion all the way to the ultrasonic region. These developments allow for unprecedented high frequency performance and detail, enhanced bass reproduction and increased power handling, all in the easy to install, lightweight form-factor that Amina is known for. View the Mobius5, Mobius 7 and MobiusDual products.

The Evolution Series is Amina's legacy range of Invisible Loudspeakers. Released in 2011, the Evoution Series pushed the boundaries of what was possible with Invisible Loudspeakers at the time but has since been superseded by the new Mobius Series.

Easy to install, Evolution speakers can be rendered invisible behind a 2mm skim of plaster, wood, high pressure laminate, leather and many other materials. This installation flexibility allows for high fidelity sound reproduction without affecting the aesthetic feel of the property.

Use of OptiDamping and OptiDrive technologies give a smooth frequency response, exceptional dispersion and enhanced clarity for distributed audio systems in residential and high end commercial installations, as well as multi-channel home cinema systems.

The Evolution range includes AIW350INAIW350IN-S200AIW450INAIW550IN, and AIW750IN.

iQ – Designed for MDUs and the commercial marketplace

The iQ Developer Series creates an opportunity for Invisible Loudspeakers to be incorporated into large developments with a restricted budget such as multi-dwelling units. View the iQ1iQ2, and iQ3.

The iQ3 can also be used to supplement either Evolution or Mobius speakers within a large project, providing a cost-effective solution for lesser rooms such as spare bedrooms or hallways. Paired with a subwoofer, the iQ3 can be used for medium-level, full-bandwidth music listening at a highly competitive price point. Rendered invisible behind a 2mm skim of plaster, the iQ3 uses the same OptiDriver and OptiDamping technology found on Evolution and Mobius Invisible Loudspeakers.


Whether your customer requires the low frequency enhancement of the ALF40, the high power of the ALF80 or the room-shaking extension of the ALF120, Amina discreet subwoofers are perfect for any discreet low frequency application.

Amina discreet subwoofers are designed to be installed alongside Mobius, Evolution, iQ and LiFi speakers to provide enhanced low frequency performance and extension.

Porting through a visible vent, Amina subwoofers can be installed in walls and ceilings or be built into cabinetry or furniture, giving the performance of a conventional large in-room subwoofer without having to take up valuable floor space. All subwoofers come with paintable port trims and can be further disguised by venting into shadow lines of dropped ceilings, or by being positioned under furniture.

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