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Vogel's, from the Netherlands, is the one of the world's largest manufacturers of audio/visual mounting solutions.  What began as a personal quest for perfection has developed into a successful international company, producing a highly distinctive range of mounts and mounting systems for audio, video and multimedia equipment. Vogel's products combine versatile functionality and robust performance with a sleek design. Over forty years, Vogel's solutions have been based on the talent of people who are completely committed to the products they make and to the customers who use those products. Since the development of the world's first speaker wall mount in 1973, this Dutch company has regularly produced award-winning solutions that make life easier for people. Today, Vogel's is famous for its exceptional range of mounting solutions for LCD, plasma and LED screens, audio/video equipment and tablets, and for anywhere in the home. All products are developed to offer extra personal comfort, both today and tomorrow.

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Screen Size Guide

Small TV
Less than 32"

Medium TV
33 to 55"

Large TV
Greater than 56"


Cable 10L

Cable 10M

Cable 4

Cable 8

EFA 8810

EFA 8820

EFF 8230

EFF 8330

EFF 8340

EFW 8105

EFW 8125

EFW 8145

EFW 8205

EFW 8225

EFW 8245

EFW 8305

EFW 8325

EFW 8345


EPW 6565

NEXT 7345

NEXT 7346

NEXT 7355

NEXT 7356

NEXT 7825

NEXT 7840

NEXT 8365

NEXT 8375




PPC 1500

PPC 2500

Sound Bar

THIN 205

THIN 215

THIN 225

THIN 245

THIN 245 White

THIN 305

THIN 315

THIN 325

THIN 345

THIN 345 White

THIN 345 White

THIN 405

THIN 445 White

THIN 505

THIN 515

THIN 545

THIN 546

THIN 595

WALL 1105

WALL 2115

WALL 2145

WALL 2205

WALL 2215

WALL 2225

WALL 2245

WALL 2250

WALL 2305

WALL 2315

WALL 2325

WALL 2345

WALL 2350

WALL 2450

WALL 3215

WALL 3245

WALL 3305

WALL 3315

WALL 3345

Vogel's is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and their products are TUV/GS tested for safety.

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