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Ergovida ECC11-3

Adjustable Cable Tray for Back-to-Back Standing Desk




Black or White

Enjoy the Clean Desk Without Clutter

Guide the cables to the tray using Cable Management Spine through the holes on the top and run the cable through the holes on both sides as shown-Maintain a neat and clean appearance underneath your back-to-back standing desk.

Self-Adhesive Cable Straps Included (x 10), keeps your electronics safe and organised.

Removable Top Covers, easy to access and adjust.

Adjustable Width, suitaable for different size of desktop.

Conceal the Sockets and Cables, create clean andn organised legroom.

Keyhole Pattern, ensure easy installation.

  • Material

    Surface Finish Powder Coating
    Colour Black or White
    Dimensions  916 - 1620 x 250 x 137mm
    Cable Management Yes

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