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Versatile Soundbar Mount 

This Versatile TV Soundbar mount was designed to enhance your audio experience effortlessly. Featuring a non-slip base holder, accommodating soundbars, center channel speakers, or MTM speakers of various lengths and sizes, with adjustable holders for added convenience. Whether you prefer to mount it above or below your TV, this mount offers the flexibility to optimise your listening experience according to your room size and layout. 


Convenient Placement & VESA Attachment: Mount your soundbar above or below the TV.

Adjustable Holders: Adapt to the soundbar of 1.6" - 7.2" depth, providing a strong grip and ensuring the soundbar does not tip over when the mount is tilted 10 degrees. 

Adjustable Height: For a seamless look between the TV and soundbar


  • Applicable Device

    Soundbar (width: 508-1143mm/20"-45") 

  • Depth Range

    40-182mm (1.6"-7.2")

  • Weight Capacity


  • Profile

    77-215mm (3"-8.5") 

  • Material

    Steel, Plastic