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MobiusDual i

MobiusDual i provides a single-panel dual-channel solution for where there is insufficient space for a pair of loudspeakers, but stereo sound reproduction is still required. With two discrete inputs, the loudspeaker produces both left and right channels from the same panel. The updated ‘i’version features improved high frequency transducers, and a change in impedance from 8ohms per channel to 6ohms per channel.

Product Description

The MobiusDual i is a single-panel stereo invisible loudspeaker, using the same OptiDrive, OptiDamping and Reduced Resonance Exciter technologies that are found in the Mobius Series invisible loudspeakers. This gives high quality dual-channel audio reproduction where there is insufficient space for a pair of speakers.

The updated ‘i’ version features upgraded high frequency transducers, providing more linear performance, and a change of impedance to 6 ohms per channel.

Rendered invisible behind a 2mm skim of plaster or other material such as solid wood, veneer or leather, it is the perfect solution for aesthetically sensitive applications where stereo image (width) is not critical but sound quality and even dispersion are still required.

Example Applications

Residential or commercial distributed audio systems in rooms with insufficient space for a pair of speakers, or where stereo image is not essential.

Frequency Response


The Backbox CV345 creates an acoustically tuned and consistent cavity behind the speaker, helping to ensure both consistent audio quality as well as minimising rearward airborne sound transmission where Mobius loudspeakers are installed into stud walls/ceiling.

The BackboxSW345 provides a strong mechanical fixing method for solid blockwork and concrete walls/ceilings.

MobiusDual i only requires a single backbox per speaker.

Single-Channel Protection

All new slim-line design, giving reliable speaker protection for life-time worry free performance, in a unit that can be conveniently dressed back with any cable management system or sit neatly behind the rack. MobiusDual i requires use of two units of APUi30C single channel protection unit, one for each channel.

Multi-Channel Protection

Both 8-channel and 16-channel passive rack-mounted protection units are available for Mobius Series Loudspeakers. For use in installations with higher numbers of low-impedance speakers with a centralised AV rack. Direct-to-PCB screw terminal-blocks allow for fast and easy permanent installation.


Nominal Impedance
2 x 6 Ohms
Power Handling
2 x 30W/60W
83dB 1m/2.83Vrms (both channels driven)
83dB 1m/2.83Vrms (both channels driven)
Frequency Response
105Hz - 20kHz (-6db)
Useable Frequency Range
90Hz - 32kHz (+/-10dB)
Electrical Connection
Blue butt-splice crimp terminals (14-16 AWG)
Product Weight
2.1kg (4lb 6oz)
Fixing Requirements
Backbox CV345 / SW345 or Mounting blocks
In-line Protection unit
2 x APUi30
450mm x 345mm x 35mm (173/4” x 135/8” x 13/8”)
Rack-Mount Protection Unit
APU-RS8i or APU-RS16i (2 channels)
10 Years