Amina ALF 80

Amina discreet subwoofers are designed to be installed alongside Mobius, Evolution, iQ and LiFi speakers to provide enhanced low frequency performance and extension.

Porting through a visible vent, Amina subwoofers can be installed in walls and ceilings or be built into cabinetry or furniture, giving the performance of a conventional large in-room subwoofer without having to take up valuable floor space. All subwoofers come with paintable port trims and can be further disguised by venting into shadow lines of dropped ceilings, or by being positioned under furniture.

Whether your customer requires the low frequency enhancement of the ALF40, the high power of the ALF80 or the room-shaking extension of the ALF120, Amina discreet subwoofers are perfect for any discreet low frequency application.

  • Nominal Impedance

    4 Ohms

    Power Handling

    150W continuous


    86dB @ 1m/2.83Vrms (Half space)

    Frequency Response

    39Hz -140Hz (+/-6dB) 18dB / octave band-pass

    Max SPL

    108dB @ 1m (Half space)


    605mm x 207mm x 156mm (23 3/4” x 10 3/5” x 6 1/10”)

    Product Weight

    9.2Kg (20 5/25lbs)


    Ported, acoustic band-pass with built-in protection circuit

    Port Location

    Front or side convertible, length adjustable

    Port Dimensions

    50.8mm x 55.5mm (2" x 2 1/5")

    Electrical Connection

    3- way binding post (4mm plug, spade or bare wire)

    Overload Protection

    Built In

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