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ALF 80

The mid-range passive subwoofer that can add great depth to music, film and television whilst remaining easy to install into a ceiling or into cabinetry.

Using a 4th order bandpass design, the ALF80 can play at high level and with great depth whilst only having a small circular visible vent into the room.

Built in filtering and protection circuits mean that the ALF80 can be powered from a 150W amplifier delivering full-bandwidth content.

Product Description

Utilising a unique adjustable ported design, the ALF80 subwoofer easily blends into any room environment by mounting within walls, ceilings, cabinets or other joinery with minimal visual impact. This passive 150W subwoofer can deliver 106dB SPL/ 1m down to 36 Hz making the ALF80 the perfect discreet subwoofer for music and media rooms.

The ALF80 is designed to be connected directly to a dedicated full range amplifier output. No additional filtering is required when used in conjunction with Amina Invisible Loudspeakers. Parallel connection with a single Amina Invisible loudspeaker is also possible.

Example Applications

ALF80 may be installed either in wall/ceiling cavities where there is a minimum 158mm depth. The adjustable port tube allows the ALF80 to vent straight into the room rather than into the cavity. ALF80 may also be installed into cabinetry, behind kickboards, under furniture or even in-room. Option of 3 port locations.

Frequency Response


Designed to be fitted into a cavity wall with 16″ spaced studs (on centre), the ALF120 is mounted using felt pads which not only hold it securely in place, but also mechanically decouple the cabinet from the structure of the property, allowing all sound energy to be effortlessly ported directly into the room and not into the rest of the structure.

It is also possible to install into a ceiling void or into furniture if this helps to further remove the slotted vent from the eye-line of the listener.


Being a passive subwoofer, the ALF120 requires external amplification, however due to the Distributed Transmission Line design using 4″ drivers, it requires DSP to maximise performance and ensure it continues to perform for a lifetime.

Either requiring a dedicated DSP amplifier or a system processor and ‘dumb’ amplifier combination, the requirement is for 3 bands of parametric EQ, 48dB/Octave bandpass filtering and absolute voltage limiting. For information on a suitable amplifier or processor, please contact your distributor.

Note: Failure to use adequate DSP protection may result in warranty becoming void.


Nominal Impedance
6 Ohms
Power Handling
96dB 1m/2.83Vrms (quarter space)
96dB 1m/2.83Vrms (quarter space)
Frequency Response
27Hz - 120Hz (±6db) 48dB/Octave bandpass
Electrical Connection
Push Terminal
Product Weight
17.5Kg (38.5lbs)
Fixing Requirements
Felt isolation-pads (included)
External DSP protection (voltage limiting) - Not included
1605mm x 345mm x 118mm (633/16” x 131/2” x 43/4”)
Port Location
Front or end-fire location options