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THIN 205

Ultra-thin Flat Wall Mount

Screen size
26-55" (66-140cm)

up to 25kg


Up to 400x400mm

Turn your TV into beautiful wall art with the THIN 205 UltraThin LED/LCD wall mount. Ideal for mounting your TV ‘flat-against-the wall’ in your bedroom, living room, children’s room and kitchen. The wall mount is virtually invisible, with just 1.5 cm of space between the TV and the wall. Suitable for screen sizes of 26-55" (66-140 cm). Stud mountable so you can hang your flat screen TV on wood stud walls.

The wall mount can save you space in rooms where space is a premium or it gets a lot of foot traffic. Or mount your TV so that it is out of reach of children. You can easily hang this mount perfectly straight with the built-in spirit level and clear and simple instructions.


Cable covers: Hide messy cables safely and tidily with Vogel's cable covers. Cable 4 hides up to 4 cables. Cable 8 hides up to 8 cables.