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Thin 415

ExtraThin Tilting TV Wall Mount

A slim and elegant TV wall mount to mount your tv as flat as possible.

Screen Sizes

26-55" (66-140CM)


Up to 18 kg




Up to 400 x 400mm
  • Mount your TV only 2 cm from the wall
  • Tilt (up to 15°) to avoid reflections
  • Install your mount perfectly level: spirit level included!
  • Use the app and mark the first drilling hole easily!

Thin TV mount with tilting function

The THIN 415 tilting TV mount has a maximum weight capacity of 18 kg. The THIN 415 is suitable for virtually any model of TV, from 26″ to 55″ (66-140 cm). The maximum tilt angle is 15°, the distance from the wall is 20 mm. After installation the wall mount is barely noticeable.

The ideal mounting solution if you have limited space

By mounting your TV a little higher on the wall and tilting it a few degrees, you maintain an optimal view. With no annoying reflections. A THIN wall mount is the perfect solution for small rooms and bedrooms. With an extra-thin THIN fixed TV wall mount you can mount your TV just 20 mm from the wall. Virtually invisible after installation.