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EFW 8125

TV Wall Mount Motion (small)

Screen Sizes

19-26" (48-66CM)


Up to 20 kg


Black and Grey


Up to 200 x 200mm
  • Autolock®
  • Integrated spirit level
  • Motion - 90º turning range
  • Additional - Screen Protection System (SPS®)

Vogel’s Motion mount  EFW 8125 is suitable for flat TV's from 19 up to 26 inches. It has a maximum turning range of 90 degrees (45 degrees both ways) and features the patented Cable Inlay System (CIS®) to conceal all of your cables.

If you want the ultimate movie theatre experience, sit right in front of your TV instead of having to watch at an angle. The Vogel's 8000 Motion series lets you move your TV for the best view. It turns 45 degrees side-to-side so you always get the best view. Thanks to the patented Smart Movement Mechanism (SMM®) you can move even the biggest flat screen with the touch of a fingertip.

Installing is easy. There's even a level in the mount to make sure it hangs perfectly straight. The smart AutoLock® holds your screen securely in place so you don't have to worry about the safety of your valuable TV.

Create your own entertainment centre and combine this wall support with the 8000-series Column system and Audio/DVD multi support.


EFA 8810 Tilt Module S/M

Add another dimension to your viewing position with the Vogel's tilt module. It tilts up 15 degrees and down 15 degrees so you have the best view while lying on the couch or floor.

EFA 8835

EFA 8840 Column System + AV Support

No more messy cables! Vogel's cable column system hides all unsightly cables. This ultra thin (2cm) space saving cable column comes in lengths of 64cm/52.2" (EFA 8835) and 94cm/37" (EFA 8840) and holds up to 10 cables. One set of AV multi support is included.