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THIN 505

ExtraThin Fixed TV Wall Mount

A slim and elegant TV wall mount to mount your tv as flat as possible.

Screen Sizes

40″ to 65″ (102-165 cm)


Up to 40 kg




Up to 600 x 400mm
  • Mount your TV only 1,5 cm from the wall
  • The service positioning allows easy access to cables
  • Install your mount perfectly level: spirit level included!
  • Use the app and mark the first drilling hole easily!
  • Ideal for OLED TVs

Extra thin, fixed TV mount for thin, flat TVs

The THIN 505 wall mount is suitable for 40″ to 65″ (102-165 cm) TVs and has a maximum weight capacity of 40 kg. Also suitable for OLED TVs. After installation the wall mount is barely noticeable. The distance from the wall is only 15 mm.

Your TV sits like a painting on the wall

Are you looking for a sturdy and safe way to mount your TV flat against the wall? With a THIN fixed TV wall mount you can mount your TV just 15 mm from the wall. Virtually invisible after installation. The THIN fixed wall mount is a reliable and stable solution with guaranteed Vogel's quality. Because there are no moving or protruding parts, the risk of damage is very limited.