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WALL 2450

Full-Motion TV Wall Mount - Extra Large TV

Screen size
55-100" (140-254cm)

up to 55kg


Up to 800x400mm

Vogel's WALL 2450 Swivel TV wall mount is a perfect addition for your home cinema or for a touch of luxury in your master bedroom.

The mount has been carefully designed to glide smoothly in a 120 degree turning angle (60 degrees right and 60 degrees left) and tilt up to 15 degrees forward or backwards to avoid glare. Give your home that something special with a wall mount from Vogel's. The WALL 2450 is perfectly designed to mount in a cavity, meaning your screen can be flush with the wall (or pulled out to be angled to another part of the room).

The WALL 2450 has been carefully designed with its users in mind - the innovative easy-click tilt system allows you to effortlessly adjust the angle of your screen, and the convenient adjust level ensures that your TV hangs picture-perfect on the wall. 

Vogel's WALL 2450 mounts offer sturdy and reliable support for 55-100 inch (140-254cm) screens weighing up to 55kg. Show off your TV no matter where you are in the room with a WALL 2450 swivel wall mount.


Cable covers:

Combine the Wall 2450 TV mount with Vogel's cable covers Cable 4Cable 8Cable 10 (M)Cable 10 (L) to hide messy cables.

Sound bar mount:

Combine the Wall 2450 TV mount with Vogel's SOUND 3450 sound bar mount to mount your sound bar to your flat screen TV.